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IPInformer is a tool that runs on your PC and lets you know every time your IP address changes.
Most home internet connections via broadband or cable use DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) to get an IP address. This allocates a random address from the ISP pool, which will usually expire after a fixed time or when you reboot.
If you want to be able to connect directly to your home PC, for example to view a local website, access files using FTP, or connect with Remote Desktop, then you will need to keep track of your IP Address.
IPInformer helps you to do this by e-mailing you the IP address every time it changes. It can also update files (e.g on a hosted web site) with your new IP address and upload them using FTP.

  • Keep track of your IP address
    • DHCP allocated broadband addresses can change at any time
    • Works whenever your computer is on (even after reboot)
  • Alternative to Dynamic DNS
    • No Adverts
    • No service charges
  • E-mail your IP address whenever it changes
    • Configurable template allows you to link to your own web site/ftp server/remote desktop
  • FTP your IP address to remote machines
    • Update links to your web site/ftp server/remote desktop
  • Easy installation AND removal!
  • FREE 30 day trial
  • DHCP , IP Address , Dynamic DNS , Windows XP , Windows Vista , FTP IP Address , e-mail IP Address

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The QuickStart guide (a PDF file) explains how to start out using IPInformer. It includes examples showing how to perform common tasks and is usually the best place to start! Click the PDF Icon to the right to open the guide in a new window.

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The Download file for IPInformer contains all you will need to use the trial version, and can be unlocked by purchasing a license. Click the icon on the right to go to the download page.

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