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iShare is a tool that fixes problems some users experience with Apple iTunes. Windows XP and Windows Vista offer a facility called “Fast User Switching”, which allows several different users to remain logged in and leave applications open. This is great for security and convenience, but unfortunately it can break iTunes. Apple does not appear to intend to fix the problem, stating on their website that iTunes is not compatible with this feature: (see article or article)

  • iShare can fix the following error messages:
    • iPod Service Error
    • You cannot open the application "iTunes" because another user has it open. Ask the other user to quit the application, then try again.
    • Software for communicating with the iPod is installed incorrectly. Please reinstall iTunes.
    • You see iPod in My Computer, but not in the iTunes Source list.
  • Apple aren't going to fix this (see article or article) but iShare can!
  • Make full use of "Fast User Switching" security features
  • System tray icon to smart-launch iTunes
  • No setup required - just install and go.
  • Configuration options available to set your personal preferences.
  • Easy installation AND removal!
  • FREE 30 day trial
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The QuickStart guide (a PDF file) explains how to start out using iShare. It includes examples showing how to perform common tasks and is usually the best place to start! Click the PDF Icon to the right to open the guide in a new window.

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