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The SalientAbout library provides an easy way to add an "About" box to your application.

  • Use as little as one line of code
  • Automatically detects and displays assembly version information
  • Automatically uses the application icon, or supply your own
  • .NET Component Model support for Drag'n'Drop development in Visual Studio
  • This functionality is FREE to use
  • Future versions will display advanced system information (license required)
  • See the Download page for a .NET 1.1 version of SalientLibrary
  • About Box , Version Information

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The QuickStart guide (a PDF file) explains how to start out using SalientAbout. It includes examples showing how to perform common tasks and is usually the best place to start! Click the PDF Icon to the right to open the guide in a new window.

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The Documentation for SalientAbout is in the form of a Help file and contains full details of how to use all functions. Click the icon on the right to access the online version of the help file.

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Release Notes

The Release Notes file for SalientAbout contains the version history and shows the full version details for the product. Click the icon on the right to access the online version of the release notes file.

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The Download file for SalientAbout contains all you will need to use the trial version, and can be unlocked by purchasing a license. Click the icon on the right to go to the download page.

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