Ruth Stevenson

I am an experienced primary research consultant who has provided research services for many organisations covering an extensive variety of subject matters. I have worked for leading research agencies (IpsosMORI and TNS) as well as not-for-profit organisations.

I am a professional and pragmatic consultant who is skilled in working with those with no prior research knowledge as well as those who are highly research literate. I take pride in enabling others to appreciate the significant role that research can play in information-based decision making, and ensuring customers are provided with useful and usable insight.

The type of projects that I can help you with include:

  • Finding out what your customers, staff or other stakeholders think
  • Testing out response to your existing products or services
  • Concept testing of future products or services
  • Estimating or quantifying the market for your products or services
  • Evaluating or developing your PR, marketing and communications
  • Providing data to support an idea or enhance your business plan
  • Research with a representative sample of the general public
  • Or simply answering your burning questions about anything and everything!


Market Research at Salient Point

At Salient Point we can offer a bespoke research service to meet your needs, including:

The full spectrum of research and evaluation services:

  • Design of methodology and research tools
  • Fieldwork and analysis
  • Reporting and recommendations
  • Project management

Quantitative research:

  • Questionnaire design
  • Web surveys
  • Subcontracting of telephone / postal / face-to-face surveys
  • Omnibus surveys

Qualitative research:

  • Focus groups
  • Depth interviews

Other research:

  • Mystery shopping

Professional advice and support, including:

  • Advice on questionnaire design / improving existing questionnaires
  • Advice on conducting and analysing your own research
  • Advice on research commissioning
  • Advice on using omnibus surveys

Bespoke training sessions, including:

  • Questionnaire design
  • Moderation skills
  • Analysis techniques
  • Research commissioning